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Amanda holding a plate of vegan marshmallows that she made for David Lebovitz

Vegan Marshmallows - David Lebovitz

There was quite a buzz in the media over the opening of Krispy Kreme; as one astute friend here said, “They must have a helluva publicist,” because even the NYT found their open worthy of covering. But the OG has been Boneshaker, owned by pastry chef Amanda Bankert.

Apple-Butter-Mini-Galettes from the Voila Vegan cookbook

Amanda Bankert talks Plant-Based Paris in her New Vegan Cookbook

It’s no wonder Boneshaker is one of the most popular pastry shops in Paris. What is a wonder is that she’s made American donuts a thing in France. I was as struck by Amanda’s enthusiastic optimism and entrepreneurial spirit as I was by her delicious donuts and the scores of happy smiling customers enjoying their sweets or lining up down the block for her in-demand vegan donuts.

Amanda and Boneshaker featured on NBC News Now

American Pastry Chef Opens Donut Shop in Paris

American Amanda Bankert is the owner and executive pastry chef of Boneshaker, a donut and brownie shop in the heart of Paris. Bankert decided to open her shop at a time when donuts "didn't exist here at the time."

Handmaking doughnuts

Expat Entrepreneurs in Paris: Boneshaker Doughnuts

On any given Saturday, strolling through Paris’ 2ème arrondissement, you’ll notice a long line outside a hole-in-the-wall shop on Rue d’Aboukir. Passersby might take a photo or ask patrons what they’re waiting in line for, and their answer would be Boneshaker Doughnuts!

View of the Boneshaker Doughnut shop in Paris France

Bonjour, Beinet!

An American-art-history-buff-turned-French-pastry-chef alumna bridges cultures with deep-fried deliciousness.

The couple had a lightbulb moment on a trip home to the States in 2013. “We were eating donuts and we were like, ‘Oh, I wish we could get these back in Paris. Why don’t we open a donut shop?'”

Coffee with cream latte design and doughnut

The Baked Episode: CBD & Donuts

Amanda Bankert is the force behind Boneshaker Doughnuts in Paris. Yes, they have donuts in Paris, and Amanda is here to tell us how she wound up there and just what Parisians think about this very American treat.

Amanda Bankert eating a delicous doughnut

The American Donut Shop that Proved a Hit in Paris

It’s another Earful Tower podcast episode, this time with Amanda Bankert from the popular Boneshaker Doughnuts. We recorded this chat in her charming little shop in the very centre of Paris and discussed how Amanda studied pastry and ended up making donuts, how she had to convince Parisians that donuts and pastry aren’t so different after all, and how a lot of expats in Paris have unusual backstories.

Amanda Bankert and Louis Scott owners of Boneshaker Doughnuts - Frenchly article

Alumna Amanda Bankert: Paris’s Doughnut Queen

Boneshaker Doughnuts began supplying local coffee shops in 2015, and in July 2016 they opened their first establishment in Paris’s second arrondissement. Amanda’s commitment to excellence and passion for pâtisserie is the hallmark of a proud Le Cordon Bleu alumna.

Pretty little box of Christmas flavors by @parisiantables Cranberry, mince pie, speculoos, & a cinnamon roll)

Où manger des donuts, la nouvelle pâtisserie en vogue ?

Des donuts 100% faits maison avec des produits frais et si possibles de saison, c'est la promesse des Petits Donuts nichés dans le quartier du Marais. Une alliance parfaite entre un beignet brioché et une crème pâtissière aux saveurs inédites. Que demander de plus ?

A variety of homemake seasonal flavors

Paris: Boneshaker (Where to Eat + Drink Right Now)

I’ve had literal rock stars that fly in on private jets to restaurateurs with 10+ restaurants on holiday with their families looking for something special ask me if, “they are worth the hype.” I say, “yes.” Next thing, I have are texts saying, “Better, WAY, better than I could imagine” and “Wowzer.”

Yes, it is setting the bar high, but that’s why they are the one and only doughnut shop on my site. They are made, with, love.

Cinnamon sugar covered doughnut

10BEST Recommends Boneshaker Doughnuts

Paris has its first real doughnut shop. And if you're wondering whether they're any good, judge by the line trailing out the door every afternoon!  Oh and her densely chocolate-y brownies just won Best of Paris recently, too. So be sure to get one of those for your bedtime snack. Wink, wink.

Recommended for 2nd Arrondissement - Montorgueil's Best Restaurants.

A variety of fresh donuts in the case

Finding Success in the Land of Pastries

Archimedes had his Eureka moment while taking a bath. For Amanda Bankert of Boneshaker Doughnuts, Paris’ first real doughnut shop, it happened while eating just that — a doughnut.

“It went something like ‘Oh, I wish we could get these at home’…and then, all of a sudden, ‘Wait! We could open a doughnut shop!’”

Amanda Bankert and Louis Scott owners of Boneshaker Doughnuts - Sprudge article

An American Pastry In Paris At Boneshaker Doughnuts

The couple had a lightbulb moment on a trip home to the States in 2013. “We were eating doughnuts and we were like, ‘Oh, I wish we could get these back in Paris. Why don’t we open a donut shop?'”